March 2004 Articles

Priscilla Shontz writes "These articles were just published on

  • Beyer, Hope Elizabeth. "Finding Leadership and Mentoring Opportunities."
  • Etches-Johnson, Amanda. "Look Mom, I got my Name in Print! Lessons Learned by a Publishing Neophyte."
  • Ferguson, Timothy. "Surviving Jobs You Loathe."
  • Kane, Laura Townsend. "Medical Librarianship: A Niche for Every Interest."
  • Merritt, Tanzi. "Tips and Tricks for Conference Attendance."
  • Muturi, Elisheba. "Networking Through Information Interviews: What Works."
  • Peters, Chrissie Anderson. "What Leadership Is NOT."

You can find these articles, along with a backfile of all original articles and article submission guidelines, at"


I'm fairly impressed by the material showing up at LISCareers the last few months, including this one. I'd certainly recommend the pieces on writing and on attending conferences, not only to newbies but to those of us who need to be refreshed now and then.

I just find it hard to believe that Amanda Etches-Johnson doesn't already have a distinguished publishing record. Maybe she doesn't count online? Never mind: with her talent, she surely will!

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