Yahoo Adopts New Fees to Explore Web


Yahoo is adopting a new system for indexing Web pages that will charge businesses to include more material currently unlisted. They call it a practical way to assure its search engine captures more of the so-called "Deep Web." The method, often called "paid inclusion," also will help Yahoo's search engine keep better tabs on the most current material on a Web page, company officials said.
News of Yahoo's system rankled Gary Ruskin, executive director of Commercial Alert, a consumer group that that has criticized search engines for co-mingling their advertising and editorial results.

"The bottom line is that this is just going to be another way for businesses and the wealthy to buy search engine results so they get the material they want in front of the eyes of search engine users," Ruskin said.
The Associated Press Has The Story


Since indexing the web is still its infancy, I say go ahead Yahoo!, knock yourself out. There is a need to experiment.

I, however, will continue to google.

Just having the cash to pay Yahoo's fees, does not accuracy make. Nor value, nor relevance, nor etc.

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