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Chris Rippel (the webmaster of \"Can
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) wrote:

Is the cost of $1 for 20 pages of \"The Plant\" outrageous
or fair?

Is anyone getting ripped off?

Here are the facts (based on my best calculations) for
answering the
questions above.

According to, the price of Stephen King
novels in hardcover

Average (i.e., mean) list price: $31.02

Average (i.e., mean) Amazon\'s discount price: $20.81

(Econoclad offers hardcover editions at about half the
list price.)

PRICE PER PAGE - List: $.07 per page Amazon: $.05
per page

Reading on a computer, \"The Plant\" costs $.03 per
page plus the cost of
running the computer and Internet.

Laser printing \"The Plant\" raises its cost to $.05 to $.06
per page,
plus the cost of paper and binding if bound.

In thinking about King\'s profit and the fairness of \"The
Plant\'s\" pricing consider that most authors get 10% to
15% royalties on their books, Stephen King gets 50% in
However, 50% is more in line with the
25% to 40% authors of e-books get.

Below are the details of my calculations.

Here is the mean and median of pages, price, and
price per page for 13
Stephen King novels according to (The
list of novels is at
bottom of this email.)

MEAN (i.e., average) for 13 King novels

458 pages

List price: $31.02

Amazon discount price: $20.81

Price per page - List: $.07 Amazon: $.05

MEDIAN (i.e., 50% of titles are above this number and
50% of titles are
below this number) for 13 King novels
428 pages

List price: $29.95

Amazon discount price: $20.96

Price per page - List: $.07 Amazon: $.05

The Plant (Source: The Plant FAQ

Episode 1: 20 pages Price: $1.00

Episode 2: Approx. 26 pages Planned price: $1.00

Episode 3: Approx. 44 pages Planned price: $1.00

Episode 4: Approx. 96 pages Planned price: $2.50
Episode 5: Approx. 96 pages Planned price: $2.50

Episode 6: Approx. 96 pages Planned price: $2.50

Episode 7: Approx. 96 pages Planned price: $2.50

Episode 8: Approx. 96 pages Planned price: $2.50

Total for 7 episodes*:

Approx. 474 pages

Planned price: $13.00

Approx. price per page $.03

Total for 8 episodes*:

Approx. 570 pages
Planned price: $15.50

Approx. price per page $.03

* Stephen King\'s FAQ says there may be seven or eight

If readers print out \"The Plant,\" the printing costs must
be calculated

According to ZDNet at

Printing on laser printers cost $.02 to $.03 per page not

Inkjets are more expensive.


Data for the calculations above:

List of King\'s Novels in hardcover (Source

Bag of Bones 529 pages List: $28.00


Carrie 199 pages List: $29.95 Amazon: $20.96

Cujo 319 pages List: $29.95 Amazon: $20.96

The Dead Zone 426 pages List: $35.00 Amazon:

Different Seasons 527 pages List: $35.00 Amazon:

Firestarter 428 pages List: $37.00 Amazon:$25.90

Hearts in Atlantis 523 pages List: $28.00

Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 224 pages List: $16.95
Amazon: $11.86

Nightshift 336 pages List: $30.00 Amazon: $21.00
Rose Madder 420 pages List: $25.96 Amazon: $6.49

Salem\'s Lot 429 pages List: $32.50 Amazon: $22.75

The Shining 447 pages List: $29.95 Amazon: $20.96

The Stand 1153 pages List: $45.00 Amazon: $31.50


Chris Rippel

Central Kansas Library System

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