Graphic Novels in School Library


tangognat writes "This article from the Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel describes the large graphic novel collection at a high school library. Via comics blog Thought Balloons"


Speaking of comics and libraries... A friend of mine was checking out the new "best books for YAs" or whatever it's called, and looked at the book Blankets, she was freaked out by the some of the illustrations, especially ones showing a boy masterbating. Her library has all graphic novels in the YA department* and she is worried about complaints from parents of YAs. She showed the book to the head of Childrens/YA at her branch and they are trying to decide what to do with it. I looked up the reviews of the book, and decided to buy a copy for my library. *This is a bad idea, IMHO. They take a very simplistic view of graphic novels there, basically considering them comic books. Some of those books are not appropriate for the youngest YAs, and adult patrons are missing out on some of the best books in the library!

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