State pension funds vs. multibillion-dollar copyright giveaway?

David H. Rothman writes "Oh, I like this! North Carolina now wants Michael Eisner fired as boss of Disney--and has told state pension fund managers to vote against him. It joins funds in half a dozen other states, including California and New York, already committed to this noble cause.

Now, imagine the same tool used against the Sonny Bono Copyight Term Extension Act, which will send billions to the copyright elite over the years at the expense of schools, libraries and consumers in the Tar Heel state and elsewhere.

Time for state pension managers to pressure Disney and other big corporations into calling for a repeal or at least mitigation of Bono--for example, via the Public Domain Enhancement Act? Our schools and libraries don't need to pay Hollywood an eternal tax! Reasonable fees for reasonable copyright terms? Sure. But not 20 years extra, forever!

Remember, lobbying by Eisner's henchmen was among the major reasons why we got the Bono act in the first place."

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