Library levy campaign looking for 'Net' gain

Bob Cox writes points us to The Dayton, OH, Daily News and a story on
This eBay Item
What started out as a joke that got a few laughs during a library staff meeting has become one of the more innovative fund-raising attempts tried in the state.

Library Director Timothy Kambitsch has posted on eBay an offer for the last of 4,000 Dayton Metro Library yard signs. He set the opening bid price at $25,000. With 197 hits but no bids by late Wednesday, he lowered the minimum bid to $100 and extended the deadline to 5:42 p.m. Monday.
Current bid is $112.


The retail climate seems so out of control these days, you'd never know what would motivate some people to spend $100 bucks. And if it goes to benefit the library, that's just terrific.

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