School librarian's role shifting from storyteller to data expert

The Seattle Times noticed with computers in most classrooms and encyclopedias online, a major shift is taking place in school libraries.
They say a job once designed for mild-mannered book lovers has evolved into something more powerful: CIO, or chief information officer, of the school. And school districts across Puget Sound are officially recognizing the shift.


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Plus ca change...

I understand that this article was written more with elementary schools in mind, but I find it hard to believe that the Seattle Times is only now discovering that the role of school librarian is changing from "storyteller to data expert."

I applaud Mike Eisenberg (from whom I have taken Big 6 workshops) for raising awareness, but I have never been just a "custodian of books," and have been following his suggestions for increasing student achievement for my entire career. (I do, however, harbor a secret desire to read to my high school students sometimes!)

One final point: We could use a fresher analogy that small business to compare how schools should be run. Anyone?

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