Louden County all over again


It seems like another library system may be sued over filtering all of its computers, according to this brief article from Digital City. We will keep y\'all posted.\"Whereas about half the computers in the Houston Public Library system are filtered to prevent access to pornography sites, Montgomery County recently filtered all its libraries\' computers, not just those in children\'s sections.Read on...The Amarillo Globe has more on the story.\"In terms of litigation, we need to show the district court what it is we are asking to declare unconstitutional,\" attorney Sally Mann Romano of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas told the Houston Chronicle Monday.\"

\"Romano said the U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts already have ruled Internet filtering violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. Her organization says the county can use other methods to keep pornography away from children.\"

\"County Judge Alan B. Sadler said he had not seen the open-records request.\"

\"Anything we passed in court is obviously open records and readily available to the public,\" Sadler said.\"

\"Commissioners in the county directly north of Houston ordered the county library system in March to begin filtering the Internet after a socially conservative group alleged library computers were being used to view pornography. The order was given despite advice from the county attorney, library director and library advisory board.\"

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