Jayson Blair's Autobiography

Jayson Blair, recently disgraced reporter for the New York Times, is publishing the story of his banishment from the paper in a few weeks --story here from Editor & Publisher . The Times book editor, Charles McGrath is planning to review it. The book, titled "Burning Down My Masters' House," and due out March 6, is being published by New Millennium Audio and Press of Beverly Hills. It tells Blair's story of how he engaged in one of the worst acts of plagiarism, deceit and fraud in newspaper history, resulting in his firing in May 2003 and the eventual termination of former executive editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald Boyd.

Blair is hoping to fund a scholarship for future journalism students at his alma mater the University of Maryland (story in the Diamondback) with the proceeds of his book, but the University hasn't said if they'd accept his offer.

re: Jayson Blair's book, in February 27 New York Times.


I hope this new book is cataloged as fiction. My alma mater has always had a good name in journalism. I sincerely hope he they do not take his money.

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