New words (and a few odd ones too) in the new dictionary


This article from the Columbus Dispatch describes a few new words and phrases that will appear in a revision of the Random House Webster\'s College Dictionary. Included are \"Arm Candy\", \"Eye Candy\", \"Senior Moment\", and \"DWB\" (Driving While Black)\"DWB (driving while black) was added as a reference to racial profiling. The term is used sarcastically to describe the reason why police have stopped black motorists. Merriam-Webster added big time (something done on a large scale) this year. ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and smoothie (a creamy drink) also were added.\"

\"As words and definitions are added, old ones disappear.\"

\"Random House deleted macarena last year, indicating the mid-90s dance had fallen from vogue. Merriam-Webster dropped tattletale grey, a phrase from an advertising slogan in the late 1940s and \'50s describing a ring around the inside of a shirt collar that hadn\'t been washed away.\"

\"Some of the new words and phrases this year stumped those at the library yesterday.\"

\"Toby Li, 15, who will enter Philip Exeter Academy in Exeter, N.H., as a 10th grader this fall, said he thought senior moment referred to a special time for graduating seniors to have fun.\"

\"He\'d heard the phrase my bad but considers it too obscure for the dictionary.\"

\"I guess words that today are slang, years from now might be considered proper vocabulary,\'\' he said.\"

\"John Rudieaugh, 47, a Motorists Mutual Insurance analyst, thought a mouse potato (a person who spends too much leisure time on the computer) referred to a sneaky person.\"

\"Rudieaugh said words common to everyday life should be added to the dictionary so future generations can appreciate them.\"

\"He suggested amen as a new term to describe agreement, but the dictionaries already put their blessing on that one.\"

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