Penn archivist a valuable reference for researchers

Bob Cox writes "Tucked away in the North Arcade of Franklin Field is the office of the University Archives.
In this little-known and perhaps underused office, one can find boxes stacked high and filled with historical documents ranging from diplomas of Penn's first graduating class of 1757 to some of the first motion picture photograph series' that were created at Penn in the 1880s by Eadweard Muybridge.

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Well perhaps it's a tale of just how much our history is valued NOT! many archives with truly unique treasures that we should be able to look at are just dumped into some small, moldy, dirty leaking back of the beyond hovel to rot away...Even those archives that are top of the line state of the art have large collections of stuff that they either won't or can't get cataloged or inventoried so you could actually FIND something.Although some of the guardians of archives make an effort to help ya find "the lost" many are so jaded or burned out or so into "protecting" the stuff they have and keepin the rabble from getting our dirty mitts on it, that they either don't care to help or they deliberately lie about what they have just so they don't have to spend any of their precious time lookin for somethingthose annoying patrons request.And of course they would never allow "the rabble" to look for themselves, because then we'd be shocked at the mess they've been hiding which they can't or won't clean up and demand change.

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