Television Captioning Censorship

Bob Cox points us to an interesting site about the National Association of the Deaf, NAD, and NCD, the National Council on Disabilities, who are protesting the decision-making process regarding which programs receive captioning and which ones do not.

Also, see a list of recently approved and disapproved shows for U.S. Department of Education captioning support here.


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Here is 1 news article about this - anymore?

Palm Beach Post published a commentary about this. But where is the rest of the mainstreet press?

Re:Here is 1 news article about this - anymore?

Good point - I thought it was worth posting because I was so unaware of there even being a process or an issue of which programs get captioning!

Cataloguing also affected

Media librarians also use captioning to catalogue video, so there are many user groups affected by this.

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