Women's Day Contest--"Librarian for a Day"

abigail sends this announcement " from Women's Day magazine..Women's Day magazine, that bastion of supermarket checkout reading, is inviting its readers to enter its Be A Librarian! Contest. There are a number of interesting angles here, I think, from the women/pop culture angle to the Easy Profession for the Lucky Few? angle."


The winner gets to be a librarian for a day at her (or his!) local library. Tell me, do the local libraries know about this?

The approximate retail value of this prize is $25.00! Oh my! People will be flooding Woman's Day with entries!

It never says that the entrants cannot already be librarians. Could be interesting...

When taken by itself, the page of the essay seems worse than it is. Go to the WD TOC home page and click on the tab for "Calling All Writers". You will get the link to the "Third Annual Put It in Writing @ Your Library workshops" page. A number of libraries are hosting and/or sponsoring the writing workshops, which fits nicely with the literacy mission. When I read the essay submission page, it set my teeth on edge, too.

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