Events management in libraries


Library professionals are realising that the library's role is changing as society changes, particularly with the advance of technology. Many view the library as either unnecessary or less-than-exciting, if it's even on their minds at all. Library professionals need to create support, combat old stereotypes, and present the library as a dynamic community resource for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Is this the case? What can be done? Read the full story here and have your say!


This article's focus on organizing fund raising vents is good.It would be interesting to see an article about other events held at libraries and the active involvement of librarians in bringing community groups into the library and creating specific services for them.This involves more than outreach services or home delivery of books...It involves developing a response to and providinga service for people that has value for them and demonstrates our value to them.Articles on this topic would show a change in library philosophy from a place that waited for people to come in versus a place that activelyrecruited people to come in (and not by morphing into a best seller laden coffee shop either)

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