Adult magazine part of school fundraiser

Bob Cox writes to share this story about a "shocking" magazine discovered in a school fund-raising sale.

"it is natural to assume that magazines purchased through a school fundraising drive would be suitable for children, especially since children are the ones doing the buying and selling. So you can imagine a Grandville mom's surprise when her daughter was able to order a magazine full of sexual content.

Asimov's Science Fiction is the magazine in question, and from the outside cover, doesn't look like an 'adults-only' publication. But open it up and you will find it is."

Or, is it?


The publisher of the magazine stated that they are an adult publication. I would go with what the publisher says. There are three major science fiction magazines that I am aware of. Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog, and Fantasy and Science Fiction. I think that all three consider themselves "adult" publications in that some of the stories may contain sexual themes and discussions.
I am a big fan of Isaac Asimov. I just finished reading "It's Been a Good Life" which is a book by Asimov's wife. She compiled sections from his autobiographies and letters and added in her own comments. In the end of the book it discusses how Asimov died of AIDS. I had not heard this before and was somewhat suprised because there was no reporting of this when he died.

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