Women Gaming More, Reading Less


nbruce writes "AOL, a unit of CNN's parent company Time Warner Inc. , released a study showing that U.S. women over the age of 40 spend nearly 50 percent more time each week playing online games than men and are more likely to play online games daily than men or teens. . . 44 percent of the women over 40 who responded to the survey, conducted by Digital Marketing Services, said they spend less time watching TV or movies, reading or being physically active because of their game play."


I fall into this age group, and am a real afficiando of literati (word game). One part of the fun is meeting people from all over the world; now where else can you enter an "international game room" with occupants of every age, stage and way of life, without changing out of your p.j.s? I've even taken Italian (grazie Genni!) conversation lessons while playing.

All four of them play online games on their brakes or when they have a few minutes to kill here and there. They range from a 30-something to a 65 year old about to retire.

I was clued into this phenomenon when one of my colleagues, a woman in her fifties, got all bristly about smart-aleck comments I made about people who spent all their time online gaming and chatting. I am much more sensitive now, but still surprised about it, not really getting the appeal of games. But, I've got friends who don't know what a blog is, and wonder what and why the heck I spend so much time online writing....

Still trying to picture my mom getting all wound up over a first-person shooter. Maybe if she'd had access to that in the 70s, she wouldn't have needed Valium.

Most of them are "puzzle games" or other simple things with increasing levels of challenge. I would be very surprised to find them in a MUD game or something like that!

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