Library rolls out wireless Internet

An Anonymous Patron writes

Sick of waiting in line for high-speed Internet access at Herrick District Library?

Bring your laptop to the library's lower level cafe for what may be the only free public wireless Internet access in Holland.

Read the story online at the Holland Sentinel.


Our cafe is called the staff room.

Like many Internet computers in the library, the wireless Internet service is filtered to block out pornographic sites. The filter also prevents e-mail use.

Interesting. I'd like to see how they set that up. That's our major concern with wireless in the library, although I have to say people that bring in their laptops are probably less likely to want to view questionable sites on it than they are library equipment. Hey, I wouldn't want all that spyware on my brand new laptop!

Blocking email is a bummer though. They're going to get a lot of complaints over that, I'm willing to bet. I still sort of question their reasoning behind it. Ah, to have been a fly on the wall at their policy meetings!

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