Failure to Protect Canadian Heritage, Says Auditor General

zamiel writes " Feds failing to protect Canadian heritage, says auditor general

Auditor General Sheila Fraser`s report detailed government failings.
OTTAWA - Canada's cultural heritage is at risk of being lost if the federal government doesn't take action now, says Auditor General Sheila Fraser.

In her report, released Tuesday, Fraser said the government is failing to protect Canadian heritage for future generations, and the report specifically points to the country's crumbling heritage buildings, neglected historic sites, and the rapid deterioration and lack of preservation of important historical documents.

More than two-thirds of the country's historic sites, like Ontario's Fort Henry and Quebec's Carillon Canal, and a number of federal heritage buildings administered by the Parks Heritage Agency are in poor to fair condition, Fraser said Tuesday.

"And more than 90 per cent of the National Libraries collection is housed in buildings that do not meet current standards for temperature and humidity.""


Well, it ain't gonna happen all by itself for free folks.

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