License to Browse--Tupac, the PATRIOT Act and Me


Here's a tale from CounterPunch from a library user calling into question one library's series of invasive hoops needed to jump through, just to browse the catalog. She shares her paranoid fantasy about coming to the attention of John Ashcroft because of her catalog queries on behalf of daughter about the late Tupac Shakur, well-known anti-authoritarian and gansta.

"I complained a little about the fact that you can't even browse through the holdings of the (supposedly) public library if you don't have a library card. The librarian pointed out to me, in a way that said, 'I know you are a wack job, but I am a kind person and wish you no harm , but I am a kind person and wish you no harm,' that a library card costs nothing."


You'll forgive me for digressing a bit.

I appreciate nihilist humor as much as the next comrade. I'm never sure to attribute the anger to "rabid imperialists" or the parents that kick their 20 somethings out of the basement with no gas money. Nevertheless, the humor, though hackneyed can be amusing. This story fits both criteria.

What isn't funny, is the CounterPunch in the face of Jews. It safe to say "Zionists" as they are portrayed in Lee Sustar's piece Liberals and Israel Palestine and the Anti-War Movement,
will find little sanctuary by the editors as CounterPunch.

My point. Patriot Act bashing is fine. And funny, though sometimes I find the authors hysteria equally laughable. Jew baiting isn't. This punch is a low blow.

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