Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library's Services


Librarians have had to learn how to do a lot with just a little in order to promote awareness of their programs and services. They have seized the opportunities to market libraries in the real world via traditional media: newspapers, corporate newsletters, radio, and TV. Many libraries produce brochures, pathfinders, and their own newsletters. So it is no surprise to see librarians stepping up to the plate and spreading the word online with blogs. Savvy librarians have identified blogs as another means to market libraries and their services. Read the full article.


Even better, encourage public libraries workers to set up their own weblogs about their expertise and experiences. Considering the supervisory and managerial difficulties of many of our cities' public libraries administrative practices, weblogs would empower. Give our public libraries users a better idea about who are the library workers just as faculty have web pages of their own. For example, exploring the collections could be documented in weblogs. Service practices could be critiqued.

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