The Librarian Interview


When I first got my MLS and sent out tons of resumes, I only got a few interviews. I once was told I came across as shy, that I was not assertive, and I needed to be more agressive.So here is what I said at interviews...Perhaps all of the librarians out there could give me some interview pointers. The D is for the library director\'s questions...Director:
Why do you want to work here?I heard you have a nice book collection.D: Who is Harry Potter?The library\'s gardener.D: did you have any trouble finding us?Yes, I did. You told me to look for a place with a box that could hold books out front and every house has a box like that with a flag on it.D: Why do you want to work here?I heard you have a nice book collection.D: What does being a librarian mean to you?No talking required.D: what are the last books you read?The poisonous cook, the book lover and the library thief. I also read, \"The psychology of library crime-How to steal from libraries and not feel guilty.What book do you think should be on the bestseller list?I think you have me confused with Oprah, I don\'t recommend books.Who is Harry Potter?The library\'s gardener.D: Describe your management style.The one-minute manager-no staff can have only a minute break.D:
What would you do if you saw someone viewing porn?Turn around, look at the camera, you are on America\'s Most Wanted and this is not Candid Camera
D: Do you have any teaching experience?No, do you cause so far I am not learning anything?D: What can you do on the Internet?A lot-- download music, chat, lots of things...D: Would you like a tour of the library?No, not unless you have something to show me besides books. Once you have seen one, you have seen them all.D: The salary is $25,000. How does that sound to you?It sounds so bad I didn\'t even hear it.D: You will be hearing from me.I hope it is more that shhhh!

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