Library Career Romances


This quirky site examines post WWII "career romance" novels featuring librarian heroines.

To quote from the site:

"Featured here are 13 examples of the latter, often written by librarian authors, and starring heroines (sorry man librarians—you're left out in the cold as usual) who find love amidst the glamour of card catalogs, microfilm
readers, and bookmobiles. Like many teen novels from this period, library career romances tend to have nearly identical bildungsroman plots (girl wants city job, gets stuck with country job, grows to appreciate small-town American values), give or take the occasional mystery storyline (girl hones information-seeking skills on the reference desk, tracks down kidnap
victim, donates reward money to the city for library improvements).

The novels help document the evolving image of librarians in popular culture and can still hold charm for modern-day library professionals."

The covers of the books are gorgeous and the titles great! I love Nancy runs the book mobile . Click here to see the others.

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