\"Books Librarians Need to Write\"


For all of you inspiring writers out there, here are some books that could get us on Oprah\'s recommended book list. Who moved the card catalog and gave me a PC?-an amazing look at changeThe case of the missing book cards-An unsolved mysteryWho moved the card catalog and gave me a PC?-An amazing look at changeIdiot\'s guide to answering reference questionsThe case of the missing book cards-an unsolved mystery10 Things I wish I had known before I got my MLS and tried to survive in the real worldThe librarian\'s memorial: The early years before OPAC\'sHow to feed a family on a librarian\'s BudgetLife on the other side: A librarian\'s guide to life after hoursTalking in the library-Breaking all the rulesLibrarian\'s guide to hunting for help and fishing for fundsMars and Venus-Where patrons with unusual reference questions come fromPatrons, get fit and get a lifeThe social life of librariansThe cardboard book pocket dietWe\'re Digital-Dewey doesn\'t do it for me anymoreTalk-Anywhere but hereBlack and Blue, Red and Green-Cracking the Journal Color CodeThinking at the Speed of Light-what librarians do every dayRomance in the stacks-The librarian\'s guide to Love in the library

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