Iraqi children turn a new page


nbruce writes "Iraqi children turn a new page; A youth publisher moves away from propaganda.
By Ashraf Khalil is a story in today’s Christian Science Monitor (Feb. 11) as noted by Joanne Jacobs education blog.

“Shafik al-Mahdi, the Cultural House's new director, remains upbeat about his mission. On the day the Monitor visited, he had just received the handwritten manuscript for the first new book of the post-Hussein era. It's called "Nur and the Rainbow," and carries a message promoting diversity and unity.

It's about Iraq with all its colors: the Kurd, the Arab, Turkmen, Shiite, Sunni," he says.

The biggest challenge, he says, will be to sow in his young readers an appreciation and an understanding of democratic systems, political participation, and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.�. Read the full story.

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