XML for bibliographic data

Following several inquiries from the for-profit sector, Lane Medical
Library has decided to make it\'s XMLMARC software available without charge
for commercial use. Availability will be governed by the the Free Software
Foundation\'s GNU General Public License, version 2 (June 1991) or later at
the user\'s option. The new agreement governing all new licensees is
effective today, July 28, 2000, and is posted on our web site:
In releasing XMLMARC for commercial use, our intent is to foster the
adoption of XML for bibliographic data. We recognize the need for standard
XML DTDs for bibliographic data, and hope that all interested parties will
work toward this end. The DTDs accompanying the XMLMARC software were
developed for experimentation and are not intended to serve as standards.
Lane is currently exploring development of new DTDs based on the ideas
recently presented:

Background statement
XML and MARC (Powerpoint)
XML and MARC (Text) http://xmlmarc.stanford.edu/ALA_2000.htm
LJ NetConnct Article: XML: libraries\' strategic opportunity

We would appreciate learning how the XMLMARC software is being used. All
feedback, positive or negative, appreciated.



Dick R. Miller
Head of Technical Services & Systems Librarian
Lane Medical Library, L109
Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, CA 94305-5123
(650) 725-4615 (work)
(650) 725-7471 (fax)
[email protected]

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