What is Cyber Space


A good read from Boston.com discussing just what this thing called Cyberspace is. I\'m not sure what or where it is, but I know I\'m there an awful lot.

No one had even heard of cyberspace until William Gibson coined the term in his 1984 cyberpunk novel NEUROMANCER. Now just about everyone in the industrialized world seems to know about it. But even scholars who have spent years studying it can\'t agree on what it really is.
Is it just a maze of circuits and wires and computers that represent
little more than an advanced communication system? Or is it, as
psychologist Sherry Turkle of the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology has suggested, a place where we can assume new
identities and live out our lives as \'\'other selves\'\' that are just as real
as the imperfect bodies we inhabit on this planet?

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