Library Open for Weddings Feb. 14th

Who wouldn't want to get married at the library!?


For Laura and I, it's tem years this May. Married in 1994 at the old age of 21. Both of us are former scientists, now information professionals. We'd easily pay the $35 to go through the ceremony again. What a bargain!

What is a confidential marriage certificate!?

Maybe it's one that keeps you from being tabloid fodder within 24 hours when you pull a Britney Spears.

I would have loved to get married at our library. In the old building, of course. The pictures wouldn't have come out so great, being that it's dark in there, but man, it is beautiful.

If I worked at the library doing this... Well, I'd be sure I was scheduled for the fourteenth. It would be fascinating to watch.

My first choice for a wedding (a couple years back) was the library where I worked. There are some gorgeous stained glass windows and a fireplace. But our director didn't want to set a precendent. Probably a good thing. When I pitched the idea to him, it was a very small affair with family and closest friends. But it ended up being more of a shindig, with bunches of food, a band, and free-flowing margaritas. And everyone knows that libraries are no place for fun and celebration!

Ironically, the library is one of the first places that people turn to for marriage dissolution as well. Can't tell you how many do-it-yourself divorce forms we point people to.

so how does getting married in a library work? would they close the whole place down? give you a meeting room?

also, it's too bad that they won't do commitment ceremonies at that library.

Here! Here!

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