Culture of the First Lady

Our First Lady is an ex-librarian. She quit to be, er, First Lady, like her mother-in-law before her. Here's an interesting article from The Nation about the other first wives in the running, most of whom are determined to continue in their chosen careers.
Article here, entitled "First Lady AKA Stepford Wife."


I was really disappointed that this article wasn't more about THE First Lady (Laura), but the feeling of disappointment is really nothing new to me when it comes to all things Laura Bush....

was published in Salon last week: "Why I love Laura Bush".

Thanks for referring me to the article - I enjoyed it greatly.

While I would agree that hating Laura just because one hates George is "reductive and even sexist," I simply can't understand her. How does she live with herself? How can she live with him!?

If she has such "stealth independence" why does she seem to never speak up for anything she supposedly believes in?

If she has "something 'real' to bring" then BRING IT! She strikes me as the "go along to get along" wife who never speaks up, never challenges her husband, and never gets involved.
If this is untrue, and unfair to her, then I wish she would try to prove otherwise because it is the honest impression I get of her.

Great article, thanks again. I may even check into the book! :-)

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