Generous Donations to the Library

Bibliofuture writes "There is a NYT article about a dispute with Coach Knight at Texas Tech. At the end of the article there is an interesting paragraph. It mentions that Knight refused his salary last year beause he was unhappy with his coaching and that he is a big financial supporter of the library.
Here's The Story"

Texas Tech Libraries have more on his donations.


When I saw the line that Knight had made siginificant contributions I figured it was cash. But when you read the article that Blake provided from Texas Tech it looks like Knight donated books that he did not want. Probably was doing this as a tax write off. It sounds like ,ost pf the books went into the libraries popular reading collection. Translation, "we don't want to refuse books from someone like Knight." To bad that instead of refusing his $250,000 salary for one year he should have accepted it and then donated it to the library.

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