At library, Warm Hearts Give Homeless Respite from Cold

Today's Maryland Sun Spot has this article about the homeless in the library.
As it points out, we mostly tend to say one thing and do another when it comes to the homeless. In this story, a man actually had passed out cold in the new non-fiction section!


I don't have a problem with the homeless in the library, so long as they aren't snoring (as the article states) and they aren't being disruptive. We have a few regulars that come in, grab a book, and sit there. Isn't that what a library is for? Granted, they stay all day, but that doesn't really bother anyone much either. They're reading, or at least holding a book while they nod off up in the balcony. Plenty of non-homeless people do that too. I was told technically it's loitering, but if it's not disruptive... it's okay. It becomes a judgement call.

I guess that what makes many public libraries so friendly and loved in the community... Try that at City Hall or another government building, and out you go.

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