Why the future of search may be open source

With Google rumored to be on the eve of a $4 billion IPO, Web search technology is attracting a lot of attention from technologists and business people alike. Doug Cutting, president of open source search software project Nutch.org thinks he has the next big thing in search: open source. ITManagers Journal Has the full story.


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On the right track: more than just the search box

About half-way down the article:

[Ask Jeeves VP Jim] Lanzone thinks that future improvements [to search engines] would include a more intuitive experience; he doesn't believe that users want "19,000 results, 10 at a time."

Hear, hear! Perhaps there is hope for more than the simple "Google box" style of searching if we can come up with the right interface and database structure for an iterative search "dialog" with the user.

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