Children Send Flat Stanley on Vacation


Eilir Rowan writes "I read about this in the Press and Sun-Bulletin's

Flat Stanley is a boy from the 1964 book by the same name who learns to embrace his difference--being flat--by making the most of it. Taking the book as inspiration, librarians and students are helping him travel the world by mailing him all over. Templates of the character can be downloaded from the Flat Stanley Project and given or sent to others, who then continue his journey by mail, keep a log, send pictures, etc. It's a variation on the 'garden gnome' theme that really captures kids' imaginations as they track where their Stanleys have gone."


that should be ries/li012704s63232.shtmlHeh :)-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

flat-footed. flat-chested. who knew that being flat would pay off? where ya gonna send me?

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