Transfer of Florida Library still on the books until contract is voided

News From FL says Just when it seemed the battle to keep the Florida State Library and Archives in the R.A. Gray Building in Tallahassee was over, there are indications that the plan to send the valued and historic collection to Nova Southeastern University is still alive. Even though the Legislature has refused to fund the transfer of the books, tapes, photos and historic records, people working for Gov. Jeb Bush appear to be raising money privately to pay for the transfer.


The most important part of this story is in the last few paragraphs of the story, which elaborates on Gov. Jeb Bush's indifference about the state library, and suggests to readers that they "Call, write, e-mail your legislators and tell them to void the contract quickly, and to take steps to preserve the library, archives and their staff from further depredations by the governor."

I had always wondered what had really brought this whole State Library move plan into being in the first place. This article provides the answer: "...because the [Governor of Florida's] records are stored in the state archives. If the archives were to be moved to Nova, access to records could be controlled under institutional rules and private property laws. That causes many to believe Jeb Bush is looking for a way to shield his records after he leaves office in three years."
Ta Da! Could it BE more obvious? And when HE runs for President, no one will be able to look at his records....

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