Collection agency helps library

A few months ago we ran a story about the Bethlehem PA Area Public Library that tried out a collection agency to collect on overdue materials and fine collections. Well, has a follow up Story on how successful this has been.
Unique Management Services has brought in just under $2,000 for the library during the three months.

\"Unique Management Services, which specializes in library work with a soft touch rather than strong-arm approach, has increased returns and fine payments during its 90-day free trial period, said library administrator Mary Kupferschmid.\"

Once the library formally hires Unique, it will be billed a monthly processing charge but the company recommends adding a processing fee to collections to cover the costs of its own contract, Clere said.

Kupferschmid said the contract is typically written so that collections more than cover the costs of the agency\'s work.

Kupferschmid said the biggest impact has been the reaction of delinquent borrowers: Bills overdue since 1998 have been collected.

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