Harry Potter and the Onion of Satire


Ben Ostrowsky writes \"Satirical mag The Onion.com has an article about Harry Potter books.

\"In 1995, it was estimated that some 100,000 Americans, mostly adults, were involved in devil-worship groups. Today, more than 14 million children alone belong to the Church of Satan, thanks largely to the unassuming boy wizard from 4 Privet Drive.\" \"

If you\'ve never read the onion, you really should!Here\'s my favorit line:

\"It\'s almost impossible to find a book that can compete with those PlayStation games, but Harry Potter has done it,\" said Gulfport (MS) Middle School principal Frank Grieg. \"I have this one student in the fifth grade who\'d never read a book before in his life. Now he\'s read Sorcerer\'s Stone, Prisoner Of Azkaban, Chamber Of Secrets, Goblet Of Fire, The Seven Scrolls Of The Black Rose, The Necronomicon, The Satanic Bible, The Origin Of Species--you name it.\"

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