NCSU Libraries cancel Elsevier contract

News Out of NC says Students and faculty using electronic journals for research this semester may find limited accessibility. The NCSU libraries, along with the rest of the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN), have decided not to renew their contract with Reed-Elsevier, which provided member universities with electronic access to journals published under the Elsevier Science imprint.
According to the memo written to faculty members of all three schools, a new contract with Elsevier would have locked the TRLN libraries into an inflexible collection policy, because Elsevier insisted that the individual libraries commit to a policy of zero cancellations over the life of the license. The financial constraints of such a contract would have required the universities to cancel subscriptions to journals from other publishers and in alternate disciplines.


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Elsevier contract is absurd

Why is this publishers(Reed)trying to get subscribers in a stranglehold? Something very detrimental to libraries is going on with this publisher. Doesn't sound like the good old American system of free enterprise. Well, they're not American, but it shouldn't matter--no matter what nationality they are, they have no right to demand subscription in perpetuity. Bravo to NCSU, and I hope other universities join them.

Re:Elsevier contract is absurd

Stop insane journal price increases.DECLARE WAR ON HOLLAND!!!!

Dutch Pirates!

I read that description in Walt Crawford's coverage of this issue - not attributing the quote to Walt - and I thought it fit particularly well. Pirates indeed!

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