The LISNews RSS Feed Smorgasbord


For those of you RSS folk out there, you might not be aware of the mulitidue of RSS feeds that flow from LISNews these days.
They're all listed on our RSS Feeds page:
In addition to the many listed there, there also exsists RSS feeds for each user journal as well.
They quite well hidden at the moment, but to get the RSS feed for any user journal at LISNews, use this syntax:
There's another, uglier way hidden in the journals page, and they'll both give you the same file, there's just more than one way to do it.

So, using the most popular journals as real examples...

If you have ideas for other feeds you'd like to see us spitting out, Let Me Know and if you've never checked out LISFeeds, it's worth a look.


Please always include simple step by step instructions on how to do it ! Do not assume everyone understands the information around the web about how to do it. Most people do not comprehend what appears to have become easy for you to do. The simple step by step instructions should anticipate the difficulties that might be encountered. There should not be too many steps. The lengthy explainations should be dealt with in brief for repeated review as more and more people develop their interests in these and related features of rss and agregators.

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