How people use electronic resources funded by OCLC

Norma writes "The story, STUDY WILL HELP EXPLAIN HOW PEOPLE USE ELECTRONIC INFORMATION RESOURCES is in the December 2003 e-issue of Ohio State Research News.The $1 million project is a collaboration between Ohio State and the Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC). The project will be partially funded with a $480,543 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The remainder of the funding will come from Ohio State and OCLC.

Full story here with links."

Darn it, reading stuff like this makes me wish I hadn't left OSU!


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If Blake hadn't left. . .

If Blake hadn't left OSU, maybe he would have that big grant!

Re:If Blake hadn't left. . .

and my own office, and a better parking spot, and so on!

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