On-line dissertation sales

A Story
from The
Chicago Tribune
talks about new a new company called \"contentville\"
that is selling dissertations online, much to the suprise
of some of the authors. Raises some big questions on
IP and copywright.

\"Dissertations are going to be one of our
interesting product categories,\" said Matthew Sappern,
vice president of marketing for Contentville. \"They\'re
holding their own quite well. We\'re happy the product is
moving.\"\"It\'s outrageous,\" said Cristan Greaves, who was
shocked to find her 1982 master\'s thesis, \"To Regain a
Sense of Place: A Study of the Prose of N. Scott
Monaday,\" advertised for sale on Contentville. Monaday
is a Native American writer.

Greaves, a high school English teacher in Redlands,
Calif., who completed her thesis at California State
University-Fullerton, said she recalls signing
paperwork that stipulated her thesis would be kept at
the university as a research tool.

\"There was no indication at all it would be later sold to a
clearinghouse or anything like that to be put up for
sale,\" she said. \"It comes down to the issue that
somebody took something that wasn\'t theirs and is
selling it to make money.\"

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