Don Saklad Haiku/Senru

Don Saklad sent in a link to Michael Sauers Don Saklad Haiku/Senru Page, so since it's Friday, and there's not much else going on, why not try to write your own. There's a ton of Material to work with out there, and Here.

Public documentation
Ask your city public library
Observe principles flouted


These came off the top of my head:No democracyWhen BPL fails to givedocumentationBPL suffers'cause our great librarianshaven't a weblogComments of nonsenseMy agenda is my ownDelete at your risk

Newsgroups: alt.censorship Douglass Shand-Tucci"...Boston Public Library refuses to publish though they have duly
        paid for it my evidently too inclusive guide to that landmark."Ask for the Censored Boston Public Library Guideby Douglass 350 in the book... The Crimson LetterBy Douglass Shand-TucciNote Douglass is spelled with ssBoston Public Library President Bernie Margolis is the Head Censor.Have you had any difficulty obtaining access to reading the CensoredBoston Public Library Guide?... Ask Intellectual Freedom AdvocateMarnie Warner for assistanceh ttp://ˇ:

So, there it is.

Just wish that didn't also stand for Brooklyn Public Library...

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