Yahoo Gets Set to Give Google Run for Money


Although This One says "Wall Street Journal" on it, I'm inclined to believe it's just a slightly rewritten press release from Yahoo...
Yahoo is plotting to recapture the hearts and mice of Web users with a three-pronged assault on Google's dominance.
First, Yahoo is expected to dump Google as the primary search technology on its site within a few months.
Second, Yahoo wants to combine personalization and customization features to extend the usefulness of searches.
Third, it plans to expand its use of "paid inclusion."

Maybe you can tell me why people will use more Yahoo because they are getting more "paid inclusions" or personalization and customization features.
Speaking as an end user, all I care about is results, and I try to avoid ads, aka. "paid inclusions" or "personalization and customization features."


The competition can only be good for us -- but it's hard to imagine that a search engine that is focused on "personalizing services" (Yahoo) can improve upon one that furnishes complete and comprehensive information (Google). We all know how AOL has done (miserably) by focusing on personalizing services;
AOL keyword = sucks.

Well, we do like our Koolaid. Give us more.

I do remember seeing articles posted that Google would be participating in the Open WorldCat project. Does Yahoo have such plans, though? From what I have seen of Open WorldCat, I think some interesting results may come about perhaps (time will tell).

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