Combing the Internet for Google Alternatives


Pete writes "BBC contributor Bill Thompson says here
'Having made it my New Year resolution to break my addiction to Google and get better at searching the web, I have spent the last couple of weeks looking at the state of search and alternative places to go.'" Thompson says that his area of research is super current, and that books and libraries are not options.


Yawn...when you've mastered every searchengine and peered into the depths ofevery visible or hidden source of infoon the web you STILL have not reach thepeak of peaks of cool difficult to findchallenging elusive information UNTILyou've searched for stuff you can't findon a computer...that's rightUNTIL you've looked and looked and lookedand asked eccentric guardians of infoand physically travelled to the oddobscure places that treasures are hidden andsurpassed all the obstaclesthat protect them... and been up to yourecstatic elbows in dusty musty oldpapers and books that no one has touched fora are not really truly a MASTER OF THE INFORMATION UNIVERSE!

Did you read the article? The writer seems more knowledgeable about the online world than many librarians. Why does he deserve a dismissive putdown?

it does sound like someone needs to inform him about the concept of libraries with journal database subscriptions. I wonder if he totally neglects journal articles, buys hard copies, or pays per article through a commercial service? He knows a lot about the net, but I'm not convinced he knows libraries as well as he thinks he does.

No, it wasn't, sorry. Same guy, similar theme, different article.

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