Excuse me sir, what are you doing?


According to this article from the Sun Herald, as man was seen masturbating to porn at a library Internet terminal by 2 young girls.\"\'\'This incident has implications far beyond Jefferson Parish. There is a computer connected to the Internet in almost every library in the country now. As far as we\'re concerned, this is going to force us to make a lot of decisions on policy,\'\' Joan Adams, the library director, said.

Doyle said Danserau, who visited the library frequently, had been arrested before for obscenity and indecent behavior. He is on probation for a crack cocaine charge, the chief said.\"

\"Danserau told police that he often looks at pornographic sites while using library computers, Doyle said.\"

\"Police and library staff were at odds during the investigation.\"

\"Adams refused to hand over the computer to police without a search warrant, citing privacy laws for library records.\"

\"Police obtained a search warrant Wednesday and closed the library for three hours. Police seized lists of computer users and the computer Danserau had used.\"

\'\'We asked for their cooperation, but they said they couldn\'t help us,\'\' Chief John Doyle said. \'\'We had no other choice but to get a search warrant.\'\'

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