Interview with David Weinberger has a nice Interview with David Weinberger (The Cluetrain Manifesto). He talks about issues like how the internet is affecting traditional business structures, manageing information resources, and his \"hyperlinked organizations\"

Weinberger\'s epiphany in \"The Hyperlinked Organization\" chapter of The Cluetrain Manifesto is simple: Businesses don\'t consist of slots on an org chart or entries in a database. Businesses are made up of people. And people define and organize the business by continually discussing, literally and metaphorically, what their company is really all about The internet\'s influence is killing traditional business structures and allowing these human hyperlinks to organize businesses. Web Writer Emelie Rutherford recently caught up with Weinberger and he clued her in to business\' big secret, that we are all human. \"Here\'s some news for today\'s business pharaohs,\" Weinberger said. \"Your pyramid is being replaced by hyperlinks. It was built on sand anyway.\"

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