Adding New Dimensions to your Search

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Those who search frequently for a living may find their jobs immensely easier by taking advantage of these FREE accessories and tools.


Phonebook Google

phonebook:john smith los angeles ca -8&q=phonebook%3Ajohn+smith+los+angeles+ca&btnG=Go ogle+Search

name city state

you will get all listings plus a Yahoo Map with 10 different views that can each be copied and pasted in WORD to have a one page map as you travel...

define Google

besides having a "DEFAULT" spellcheck when you put in a misspelled query - you can also get definitions for "terms" and "phrases" as well as individual words.

define:library -8&q=define%3Alibrary&btnG=Google+Search


Cache Google

Sometimes you badly need to access a page to find it down - Google takes snapshots of it's spidered pages and by typing in the following, you can get the last copied version...


just put
in front of a URL on Google
( without the http:// with NO spaces)
to search for any Website that may have been Cached


Google viewer

relax and enjoy a parade of web page results - you can also save it to your favorites and view them "offline"


Google Desktop

without logging on to your the internet browser -
if you just want to do one quick search - download the free Google deskbar.

It stays humbly in the bottom right corner of your window and will bring up and allow you to resize the search screen results..."