Potter Books Realize Fantasy for Librarians


The LATimes has an interesting Story on what Harry Means to librarians. Libraries around the country have been buying record numbers of the newest potter book, and it seems some librarians like what Harry is doing for the children.

\"They are using reading as a way of exciting their imaginations,\" said Lori Karns, support services manager for the Ventura County Public Library. \"They\'re having to work to make meaningful pictures, whereas TV just feeds it to them. And the language itself in Harry Potter is lots of fun.\"More from the times

There are now 63 of the books in Los Angeles County\'s 87-branch system, but they are all checked out and 399 people are waiting for a copy on reserve.
\"Children tend to not put in requests, because they are really more in the moment,\" Banos said. \"To see that many requests for a children\'s book is really incredible.\"
Orange County now has 90 copies for its 27 branches, but 250 young people are waiting in line for one, said Dani Porter, community relations coordinator for the county\'s public library. Usually, the most the system ever purchases of one title is five to 10 copies, she said.
Municipal libraries throughout the region have similar stories to tell, although on a smaller scale. Thousand Oaks\' public library owns 24 copies of \"Goblet of Fire,\" and all are checked out, with 21 people on a waiting list. In Oxnard, there are 13 holds for eight copies of the book.

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