J.K. Rowling to play the Skydome


J.K. Rowling (what books has she written again?) is booked to have a reading at the Skydome (seats 60,000) on October 14th. 60,000 screaming children for an author, I love it!! Canoe.ca has the story.\"We really don\'t know how many people are going to come,\" confessed Greg Gatenby, the festival\'s effusive artistic director. \"So we thought rather than book a smaller space and have either a riot or tens of thousands of disappointed fans.\"\"Tickets will range from $5 to $200 and will be sold through Ticketmaster, beginning Saturday, using their concert-style advance wristband policy to avoid all-night lineups.\"

\"Gatenby says unless they\'ve been living on Mars lately, people should know that Rowling is the biggest publishing phenomenon since Charles Dickens. And he expects the festival reading to be one of the biggest of all time.\"

\"Allan MacDougall, president of Vancouver-based Raincoast Books, Rowling\'s Canadian publisher, says they are now heading to a record one million copies printed for her newest book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, released July 8.\"

\"It\'s impossible to say where it\'s going to stop,\" MacDougall says. \"All I can say is that it is absolutely in line with the rest of the English-speaking world.\"

He says the phenomenon is good for publishing in general, noting that Raincoast has now gone from being a distributor and small publisher, to a well-known distributor with a big publishing arm.\"

\"It\'s enabled us to invest more in publishing good books. We\'ve now hired a fiction editor and we\'re launching a fiction line this fall.\"

\"MacDougall says although Rowling tends to guard her privacy, she\'s thrilled by the Dome idea, largely because of the safety aspect. And he doesn\'t doubt she can fill the stadium.\"

\"Gatenby says even Rowling wasn\'t prepared for the fact she has become the most popular author alive and that the fourth Harry Potter adventure is the biggest children\'s book ever.\"

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