Syringe used in attack held water


The saga continues...The syringe that was used in the attack on a student in a library in Ohio contained water. The attacker is a member of the Air National Guard where immunization shots were being done. This story is from the Columbus Dispatch\"We have tight controls on the use and disposal of syringes,\'\' said Capt. Denise Varner, spokeswoman for the 121st Air Refueling Wing.\"

\"I can\'t say there\'s no possible way he could have stolen some syringes from the base, but it\'s highly unlikely,\'\' Varner said. \"He\'s a personnel flight member -- a sort of human-resources specialist -- not a medical flight member.\"

\"She said Pannell was demoted recently because of disciplinary issues from a full-time position to a traditional guardsman who participates in drills one weekend a month and two weeks a year.\"

\"Criminal activity in or out of the guard is simply not tolerated, and if he\'s convicted of this criminal assault, it will likely affect his military service,\'\' Varner said.\"

\"Pannell made no comment to police and declined to comment when called at his home yesterday.\"

\"Authorities said they have no motive for the attack.\"

\"It may just be someone with a fetish,\'\' McIntosh said.\"

\"OSU officials called the attack a \"fluke\'\' and said they don\'t plan to increase security.\"

\"It was just one weird incident involving a guy who was caught,\'\' said Elizabeth Conlisk, spokeswoman for the university.\"

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