Google this, pal!


Fang-Face writes "April fools seems to have come twice this year. A Newsday article reprinted at reports that the George Bush Jr. was google bombed. This is a process by which a number of people conspire to use a keyword or phrase heavily on their pages and linking back to the target's home page. The keyword in this case was "miserable failure". Quote the article:

"I thought it was absolutely one of the funniest ideas I've ever heard," said Don Waller, owner of Don Waller Interactive, a Web design company in Islip Terrace and a blogger who joined the prank in late October. "I just decided to jump in with it." "This is just one of those spontaneous things that a blogger will post something and other bloggers will say, 'This is a great idea.'"

Obviously, this Don Waller and his cell of treasonous conspirators are wrong-wing pinko sympathizers. The Big Brother loving drone will not read this story, of course, under penalty of being branded the same."


Hilarious. National Lampoon caliber for sure.In deference to civility, I have kiboshed my original reply in favor of just enjoying the creativity of these wascally "W" web wags.Good find. Weally!

My current favorite is "President 2004" which takes one to Dennis Kucinich's page. I wish!

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