Libraries offer kids a 4th R

This \'R\' rated video thing has been floating aroun for a while now, The Denver Post has an Editorial that tried to make the point this is a bad idea.

\"Movie theaters at least try to keep children from seeing R-rated movies, and Blockbuster says it won\'t rent those movies to kids. But armed with a library card, Colorado children can check out Rrated movies for free.\"

Here is the line that caught my eye:\"No one in Denver, Douglas County or Jefferson County has complained to the local libraries...\"

We encourage parents to let their children know what they feel is appropriate,\" said Anya Breitenbach, spokeswoman for the Denver Public Library.

\"Denver is a pioneering library in terms of letting kids have access to all the books in the collection,\" Breitenbach said. \"Also, Denver established one of the first children\'s libraries.\"

As in Denver, Douglas County offers a separate children\'s video collection in its children\'s libraries, said Jamie LaRue, library director for Douglas County.

\"No restriction is in place that would prevent a minor from checking out\" an R-rated video, LaRue said. However, \"most people are pretty good about checking out videos that are appropriate for their age. We\'ve never had a 6-yearold asking for an R-rated video.\"

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